Diverse elderly services and nursing homes

Helsinki Seniorisäätiö operates four nursing homes: Antinkoti, Kannelkoti, Mariankoti and Pakilakoti with slightly over 600 residents, and the average age being 86 years. The majority of our residents are in long term care but Pakilakoti and Kannelkoti also have units for short time care. Most of our residents have some degree of dementia. Kannelkoti also has a psychogeriatric unit. All of our residents can stay in our homes until their last breath. Our residents are referred to our homes through Helsinki social services for the elderly.

Helsinki Seniorisäätiö employs over 500 employees. In addition to nurses, physiotherapists, foot therapists and managers of recreational services we have many staff members working in the kitchen, cleaning, and laundry services.

We believe that a safe and secure surrounding is not created merely through technology but is created out of respect, presence and sincere caring.

Helsinki Seniorisäätiö is an independent non-profit foundation that has been established to advocate services for the elderly in Helsinki. Helsinki Seniorisäätiö belongs to the Helsinki City corporation and is an addition to Helsinki City elderly services.