​Helsinki Senior Foundation Covid 19 situation 22.2. 2021

The corona epidemic situation is worrying. Infection rates have risen to November 2020 levels. At least one-third of the infections are variant viruses. There are delays in communicable disease surveillance in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The majority of the residents of the care units of the Senior Foundation have already received two vaccines. As a rule, the medical staff has been vaccinated once, some had time to receive both vaccines before moving on to the 12-week vaccination interval.

The care units of the Senior Foundation follow the instructions of the authorities. According to the latest guidelines of the City of Helsinki:
• Family meetings may last until 22.2. from an hour (1h). Some units allow one-hour visits a few days later. Otherwise, the instructions remain the same: appointments are arranged in advance and the resident can be visited by one guest once a day. Continue to take care of careful hand hygiene, correct use of the mask and the safety distance (2m.)
• Outdoor visits in good weather are highly recommended. External visit also 22.2. from 1 h. There can be two outdoor visitors.
With the corona situation still so difficult, we have to keep strict guidelines for home vacations:
• Residents who have received full vaccination protection can visit outside the unit, eg for doctor's visits, and are not placed in quarantine conditions after the visit.
After a longer overnight stay, they are followed 14-day quarantine conditions.

Due to the susceptible virus variant, we still need to maintain strict safeguards to ensure the health safety of our residents.
However, we try to live as normal a daily life as possible and enjoy sunny winter days and get ready for spring!
Taina Mäensivu
Executive Director