Information about visits to Helsinki Senior Foundation units 29.6.2020

Hello everyone!  6/29/2020

For the time being, the Helsinki Senior Foundation follows the Board's policy that access to the customer premises of the 24-hour care business units will continue to be restricted to the unit's staff.

Loved ones can meet the residents in outdoors, either behind a plexiglass wall or using a surgical mouth-nose protector, as well as following good hand hygiene. The recommended time for visits is 30 minutes, up to 3 visitors at a time. Relatives and loved ones can now also go outdoors in the vicinity with the resident!

Come visit only healthy and contact your relatives own group home, preferably 24 hours before the appointment. Please continue to consider the risks if you have been to public events or traveled abroad in the near future.

Active volunteers are also warmly welcome with the same instructions to meet their familiar resident friends in all units of our Foundation!