Corona information for relatives on September 7, 2021

The corona restrictions are eased nationwide. At the same time, in nursing homes for the elderly, clusters of infection appear weekly. Staff are actively tested for flu symptoms, and residents are tested when symptoms occur. Residents and staff who were twice vaccinated have received positive test results. The symptoms are similar to those of the common flu. At the same time, every fall, the autumn flu makes its arrival. We want to secure our residents and staff and therefore for the time being, all precautions are taken in the nursing homes of the Senior Foundation: 2m safety intervals are maintained, a mask is used in all encounters and hand hygiene is particularly well taken care of.

One group home 5B of the Pakilakoti was placed in a 14-day isolation order by an infectious disease doctor yesterday due to a corona infection found there. The relatives of the residents of the group home have been informed. In other departments of Pakilakoti, family visits can continue as normal.

So we continue this new normal so far!
Taina Mäensivu
Executive Director