Farewell letter from the CEO

A warm thank you to both the residents and the entire staff for less than fourteen years at the Helsinki Senior Foundation! Because my work has been very varied and extensive and I have been involved in everything, it may be that the first weeks or months of retirement feel boring. Or who know, it can be very nice too!

I've always come up with something to do. As a child and young person, I had several hobbies and a variety of activities. At school, I was most successful in Finnish language, history and social studies, as well as gymnastic. In high school, teacher recommended me the profession of journalist. I didn’t become a journalist, although the skill of writing has been of great benefit to my career. Instead, I graduated as a physiotherapist from Lappeenranta Nursing School.

As a physiotherapist, I worked e.g. in a rehabilitation hospital, health centers and a nursing home. I got my specialization studies at the Helsinki IV Nursing School, where I graduated as a specialist medical gymnast in public health work, occupational health care and supervisory work. I dreamed of continued my master’s studies in health care. I was expecting my oldest child last when I was in the entrance exams of the Department of Nursing at the University of Tampere. I got the entrance examination results to the hospital: so I got a boy in my arms and a place for university studies at the same time!

I was interested in patient organizations as an employer and in various SOTE organizations as a project manager, development manager and executive director for about 15 years. I was still interested in studying and I started my degree as a management supervisor. I graduated in 2007, the same year I started as Executive Director of the Helsinki Senior Foundation. When I saw the announcement of the position of the CEO in Helsingin Sanomat, I thought that was the job for the rest of my career. And here we are.

My work hasn’t brought any bigger surprises and on the other hand they come every day when working with people. If they have been challenges, I have immediately addressed them with experts. Highlights have included positive successes, maintaining good quality and continuous improvement in care, and staff interest in training and learning new things. In addition, great things have been the permanence and commitment of the staff, the customer focus on operations and the fact that the Senior Foundation is valued as a provider of care for the elderly, so that we have been involved in many interesting cooperation projects.

As a valuable memory, I have, for example, the Finland 100-year Independence Day celebrations, where I werew at each homes to participate in the celebrations. The significance of the celebration for our wartime residents was touching. Anyway, as CEO, I have been able to participate in numerous graduations, farewells and many memorable celebrations at the Foundation.

The future shows what it will bring. Hopefully the Korona time will be easier and we will be able to meet friends more freely, as well as attend various events. Being a grandmother is great, I can focus more on that in the future, as well as my beloved reading hobby. My own mother turns 92 and I have time to spend more time with her than I do now. I also hope to be able to travel with two vaccinations. 

Senior Foundation is a good organization to lead, greetings to the new CEO! The staff is reliable and committed. The quality of care should be taken care of, the residents are always at the center. Well-being staff provide quality care and quality support services. Keep the door open! I believe that the new CEO will bring new energy, new ideas and different perspectives to our operating culture - and that is wonderful!

Thank you all for these years! It has been great to be close and in the middle of everyday life all the time. It has been good every day to see residents, staff, and chat with employees. Meet with relatives and see how cleaning system works, or meatballs are prepared in the kitchen. See how goods and supplies arrive at the units with the trucks.
It has been nice popped in the Mummodiskos event,  or see the joy of the residents as the circus artists do their tricks. Sense the nice atmosphere of the pancakes feast in the sunny courtyard. We will be touring all of our homes with the new CEO Marika
With Metsähonkala here in September.

You can say goodbye to me and welcome to Marika!