Helsingin Seniorisäätiö and Covid situation 19 28.8.2020

Helsinki Senior Foundation's Covid 19 situation on August 28, 2020

There are currently no cases of coronary infection in the Helsinki Senior Foundation. We have managed to keep the corona away from our nursing homes throughout the summer, thanks to responsible and professional hygiene behavior.

As we continue in the same pattern, we will be able to live a new normal everyday life, both in terms of enjoying the recreational activities of the residents and in terms of staff training. When the all the workers are vigilant in following the instructions and also reminds coworkers, relatives an visitors follow hygiene and safety measures, we can keep infections out of our nursing homes. Responsible activities are also important in leisure time.

We want to live here in the Foundation a new normal: to allow visits and meetings, recreational events and togetherness to increase the well-being of our residents. The use of masks, the good hand hygiene and taking care of safety gaps, are the most important ways to keep the disease out of nursing homes! As coronary infections increase in the world and in Finland, the chances of the virus entering us increase.

All relatives and visitors, who visiting us, please use the mask given to you in a guided manner throughout the visit, as well as when you see your relatives as outdoors also, and take care of the agreed safety intervals in addition to hand hygiene,  so that we can continue this corona free
everyday life.

Let's still fight, and we'll survive this fall without corona infections!

Taina Mäensivu
Executive Director