Helsinki Senior Foundation Covid 19 situation 1.2.2021

Corona infection rates are rising slightly in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The proliferation of transformation viruses remains a concern.

Residents of the Senior Foundation have received their first vaccination and will receive a second Pfizer booster vaccine against Covid 19 this week. Nurses of the Senior Foundation have also been allowed to take the vaccine. Residents of short-term care (LAH) are organized by home care vaccinations. If they are over the age of 85, a general appointment for vaccinations opened up for them last week. The existing restrictions and recommendations would remain unchanged, at least throughout February.

Restrictions on visits to care units for the elderly also continue at present. The service center is closed at least 28.2. Until 2021. This means that family visits continue with one visitor / day, for 15 minutes. Outdoor visits are also possible, with a time of 30 min, and there can be 2 guests with resident. Home holidays should be move at a time when coronary infections have been significantly reduced and a large proportion of the population has been vaccinated. The use of surgical mouth-nose protection is still necessary for a visit. We will continue to use the mask full-time in nursing homes. All staff have not been vaccinated, only caregivers, and we want to keep safe working conditions for everyone who works in nursing homes. New residents are also still in quarantine-like conditions for 14 days, as vaccination coverage does not yet extend to all citizens.

We still have to be very careful with the coronavirus. Vaccinations bring some relief as long as they are carried out, but a large number of citizens, including our workers, are still without vaccination and we will have to continue with restrictions. Only a few nursing home workers can work from home. We believe that by following the guidelines, recommendations and restrictions, we will have a better chance of getting rid of this virus more quickly. We look forward to a free and more active and easier summer!

Coping with everyone in these anti-corona efforts!

Taina Mäensivu
Executive Director