Helsinki Senior Foundation Covid 19 situation 22.10.2020

The corona epidemic in the Helsinki metropolitan area is still accelerating. Through professional and responsible operations, we have managed to keep the corona away from the residents of the Senior Foundation care homes. Tests are performed on residents with even the slightest symptoms and the staff also goes on a lot of tests.

Thanks are due to the entire staff of the Senior Foundation for maintaining a high level of hygiene in this protracted epidemic.
It is unfortunate that no relief is in sight. The epidemic is projected to continue well into the springtime.
We will continue with the same instructions as before, so that we will be able to live even a slightly more normal everyday life and give our residents the little joys of everyday life that increase well-being in the autumn season. Our goal is to be able to organize resident activities and allow relatives to visit.

✓ masks are used
✓ hand hygiene is taken care of
✓ safety intervals are remembered
With these measures we are able to continue the important contacts for the residents in the form of family meetings.
We follow the official guidelines (THL, STM, AVI and the City of Helsinki) and influenza vaccinations have already begun.

Taina Mäensivu
Executive Director