Helsinki Senior Foundation's Covid situation 18.12

It is expected that the corona situation will worsen towards the end of the year. Christmas is especially critical time. Experts recommends you to celebrate in small numbers, right in the immediate vicinity, with those who otherwise belong to the household. The elderly are at particular risk.

For elderly loved ones, it is important to follow their own will and desire to spend Christmas. We do not recommend home holidays this corona Christmas. For many, leaving a nursing home to have a relative is difficult and risky.

We spend Christmas with traditional spending in all of the Senior Foundation’s nursing homes. We enjoyed the Christmas meal with ham, fish, boxes and raisins. Christmas music, Christmas flowers and Christmas decorations create the atmosphere of a home Christmas. We have had to give up Santa's visit this year. If you want to remember your loved ones at Christmas, we will deliver the memories to them.

The corona situation in our nursing homes is now good. No new infections have occurred. However, testing is ongoing for both residents and staff. During Christmas, staffing arrangements are in good form, but the situation becomes challenging if infections are identified and staff are quarantined. We therefore make every effort to protect our residents and staff from corona.
I wish you a peaceful Christmas. We will spend an exceptional Christmas and turn our gaze to the coming spring and summer, when we will hopefully be able to meet each other again, hug, eat together, sing and laugh freely.

Merry Christmas!
Taina Mäensivu
Executive Director