Information on the corona situation for the relatives of the residents


Information about coronavirus for resident´s relatives 1.10.2021

The corona situation in the Senior Foundation's nursing homes is good. Corona infections in the entire Helsinki metropolitan area are declining. Most of the clients in the foundation have already received the third vaccine. As corona restrictions are lifted throughout the all areas in Finland, corona restrictions will also be lifted in the Foundation's nursing homes on Friday, October 1, 2021.

Relatives are welcome to meet their loved ones, without prior arrangement. Please do not come for a visit if you feel sore.

Residents' common activities (devotionals, events, gymnastics) can be realized without restrictions on the number of people.

Restrictions will be lifted, but the mask will continue to be used for the time being. The staff will continue to wear the mask as usual, as will the relatives when visiting the Foundation.

Hand hygiene, hand washing and the use of hand gloves are absolutely essential for the prevention of influenza viruses, influenza as well as corona, especially as people begin to move more freely.

Now it’s starting to feel like we’re finally getting rid of this crown chastity.

Thank you for being able to act for the benefit of the residents throughout the corona pandemic in accordance with the guidelines in force.

I wish you a very good and colorful autumn!


Marika Metsähonkala

Managing director