Notice to relatives 20.4. 2021

Helsinki Senior Foundation Covid 19 situation

The coronation situation of the Senior Foundation is good at this moment . No infections have occurred. We get to ease the restrictions on family visits a bit.

Indoor visits
21.4. from now on, visits to relatives and loved ones are allowed to last one hour even indoors. Indoors, there may be two guests at a time. Visitors can visit once a day. Visits are still arranged no later than the previous day and the nurses receive visitors at the front doors.

Outdoor visits
Outdoor visits may also last one hour and there may be five visitors at a time. Visitors can visit once a day. However, Helsinki is still in the corona spreading phase, so the safety instructions are still valid. We still recommend outdoor meetings, when the weather allows. Please come to the visit only in good health. The masks are still used throughout the appointment. Remember the importance of hand hygiene! A safety distance of 2 m is still maintained for both outdoor and indoor meetings. We still have to wait for the pandemic to subside before hugs and shared coffee breaks are possible.

Home visits by residents
Residents can make daily home visits as long as the safety instructions are followed. It is recommended that several people are not present during the home visit. The number of contacts must still be kept very small. Home visits are also recommended to be held outdoors.

Physician and dental visits by residents
It is possible for a relative to go for a doctor's visit. Wearing a mask throughout the visit is important. Hopefully we will soon be able to tell you that get the coffee with your loved ones are possibleto do. However, we still have to manage to take special care of our elderly people at risk.

Sunny spring days to everyone!
Taina Mäensivu
Executive Director