Situation of the Helsinki Senior Foundation Covid 19 on December 4, 2020

The Corona situation in Helsinki is still in the spread phase and the situation is worrying. Our care units are home to very elderly and fragile elderly people who we want to protect by all means from the coronavirus.

According to the latest instructions from the City of Helsinki, 4.12. From 2020 onwards, we will have to tighten visitation guidelines in our care units.

Instructions for indoor visits in the care units of the Senior Foundation
Antinkoti, Kannelkoti, Mariankoti, Pikku-Maria and Pakilakoti:
• Visitors can meet residents indoors. An appointment must be arranged in advance no later than the previous day.
• A resident can visit visitors once a day. The appointment can take 15 minutes. One visitor at a time.
• We require the visitor to wear a mask throughout the visit.
• The caregiver receives the visitor and instructs on protection practices.
• During the visit, there is no shared dining or coffee where the visitor would have to take off the mask.
• A safety distance of 2 m must be maintained during the visit. For example, hugging is not possible.
• The visitor must be absolutely healthy.

Visiting instructions for outdoors:
• An appointment is arranged in advance
• Visitors up to 2 at a time, 30 minutes.
• The mask should also be used for outdoor meetings.
You can choose one internal visit or one external visit per day. We recommend outdoor visits weather permitting!

In the current coronary situation, when caregivers are absent from work as soon as flu symptoms appear, those exposed are quarantined at home, and those with coronary heart disease are isolated, long-term, stretched, and flexible care workers are needed to ensure caregiver resources. In addition to protecting our residents, we must also ensure that our caregivers are healthy so that there is enough staff as the coronary situation continues. We hope you will understand and follow the instructions to get this Corona wave over. It requires all of us to strictly follow instructions and a desire to protect each other, in addition to ourselves.

A very peaceful Independence Day!
Taina Mäensivu
Executive Director