The nursing dimension of the Helsinki Senior Foundation

At the Helsinki Senior Foundation, the number of nurses has been at the level required by law even before the law came into force, although last week's articles in Afternoon Newspapers and Helsingin Sanomat got a different view.

In the follow-up of THL's report, we got an surprising sizing result for a few departments, which we only noticed in the magazine. We figured out strange numbers for us and found the sizing calculated to be twice the number of inhabitants that we have in these departments. An embarrassing typing error that halved the actual number of the nurse dimension. What’s even more annoying is that the numbers stay and can’t be corrected, even when an error is noticed.

Fortunately, new measurements are underway again in the fall. Achieving the statutory nurse dimensions will be a big challenge for us too. We will need almost 40 more nurses in the coming years, and none of the current ones should leave to achieve the dimensions required by law in the future. One really has to hope that the interest in the elderly care sector will soon increase, otherwise the number of nurses will not increase despite the law.

Taina Mäensivu
Executive Director