It’s all about the attitude!

Nursing the elderly is a challenging job. We have been trusted with society’s most frail and elderly members. In order to ensure good care, patience and courage is required as well as the ability to take their dreams into consideration and listen to what they have to say. The best days at work are made of humor, smiles, gentle touches and understanding. “The residents may not remember your name but they remember your habitus and return the feelings reflected from you.”

We need employees who are willing to learn from other professionals. Our foundation employs nursing and rehabilitation staff as well as accountants, secretaries, cooks, cleaners and maintenance people. Behind all of these titles there are different professional backgrounds. Curiosity and the willingness to develop in one’s job are the best indicators of a good worker.

We want to be the best elderly care giving facility and that is why we arrange training and development groups to combine information of our different professionals. At the moment our main issues of development are nutrition, rehabilitation, cultural activities and medicinal care. All of our homes arrange various cultural events. All members of our staff are required to take into consideration the different festivities that take place during the year.

The nutrition and good physical health of our staff is also important to us. Our foundation is a non-smoking organization since the beginning of 2014. We have our own kitchens that prepare delicious meals daily. We also provide aerobic groups and a gym for our staff to use.

For more information please contact:

Pakilakoti:  020 7718 513

Antinkoti/ Kannelkoti/Mariankoti: 020 7718 515